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Pappalardo is Raleigh Born singer/songwriter. Few artists of the south bring such a fierce Rock n roll nature to everything they touch. Indy rock foundations, give way to hard edged hooks. Gritty lead vocals pierce the air waves when his music is played on local college radio (WKNC 88.1 and THE HILL 97.9) When it comes to chaotic energy meeting finessed lyrical shapes, accept no substitutes. Though tinges of jazz and electronic influences color his work, the embers of well-aged, Rock music smolder and spark through Pappalardo’s pop laced compositions. Writing since he was 16, he identifies wholeheartedly as a writer. Ari is the real deal as far as local performing artists go. He gets his sound from an eclectic mix of rock, pop, and jazz music. Tales of unrequited love, voodoo, and ghosting fill his song books. His hope is that showing vulnerability in his words, that the listener will be able to relate to the situations involved.

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