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Streetcar Prophet: Summer in New Orleans - July 2017

It was a hot day in the crescent city. A perfect day to take Hank's advice and ride the street car down St. Charles street, past Lee's circle to the end of its line in the French Quarter. The car cramped with pensive folks, well worn into the groove of their existence. All fit the mold of the down turned face of the disgruntled commuter, save for us three space cadets.

With the street car nearly full, Brendan struggled to find a seat or even a place to stand. Unafraid of strangers, I picked a cozy seat hugging the left wall and shoulder to shoulder the silent passengers. Hank swayed with the momentum with this left arm clinging the leather loop above his head, offering stability in this beautifully chaotic town.

"This is all getting to be a bit much...." we all collectively thought as the trolley rolled up to the next stop.

A with a hat steps onto the trolley and pays his fair. Upon doing this the driver asks his new passenger how his day is going. The man's response surprised us all.

With a smirk and a slight chuckle, the man began to answer our driver.

"Ha ha ha Ha Ha!

Jehova is good!



Upon proclaiming these prolific words of doom, the streetcar prophet took a vacant seat in the back and didn't utter another word for the rest of the ride to the French Quarter. Only in NOLA could something so bizarre be proclaimed publicly and nobody but us tourists so much as batted a lash at the random insanity.

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