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2018 Manifesto

It has been a wild journey...

The last few years have been about exploring this vast country for inspiration, cultivating a following, and being ever hungry for the next opportunity to perform my music. Lots of doors have opened for me recently and many friends, old and new have stepped forward with their support. I'm am in debt to these souls, the ones seen and unseen. The ones who have shook my hand and the others who have imbued my soul with the catalysts necessary to express myself honestly through my writing. To that debt I vow to chronicle my travels anachronistically (because some past instances are worth mentioning)

I've been an artist since 17...I'll keep working and hustling.

I hope to get to know the readers of this blog as they get to know me.

Let this be a start of a dialogue to make strangers from friends while changing friends into close family.

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